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Chicago River North Neighborhood


The River North neighborhood began to assume its present form after artists setup galleries in the 1970’s.  As the name implies, it is made of the area just north of the Chicago River branch that connects directly with Lake Michigan.  The general N-E-S-W boarders are: Oak Street, Michigan Avenue, the Chicago River and the Chicago River.  The neighborhood is part of the Near North Side community area.

In addition to scores of high end galleries, the neighborhood’s prize is the shops along the Magnificent Mile along north Michigan Avenue.  One of the world’s largest coffee roasting houses, the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, is located down from one of the world’s preeminent luxury hotels, the Peninsula.

River North Neighborhood Map



There are dozens of fine dining establishments in the neighborhood, like Italian eatery the Erie Cafe.

Every neighborhood has a local tavern where locals can gather, drink and discuss the current issues of the day.




The rowhouse/townhouse is a staple housing format in River North.

There has been a recent trend in development of older structures into sleek luxury condominium buildings.  Single family detached homes are basically multi-million dollar mansions.


Open Space


Parents of small children will have ample open space to explore with their little ones, like at the Montgomery Ward Park along the riverfront.

This neighborhood allows residents to enjoy the beauty of the riverfront through a sculpted promenade.


Points of Interest


There are galleries of all kind in River North, not just fine art.  Home decor establishments offer custom lighting products as well as designer furniture.

There are also cultural venues such as the: Poetry Foundation, Richard H. Driehaus Museum, Museum of Broadcast Communication, as well as the Neon and Light Museum located in the neighborhood.

In recent years the city has invested millions of dollars in its riverfront between the Loop community area and the Near North Side community area.  The result of this investment is the Riverwalk promenade that crosses Streeterville and River North neighborhoods on the north side of the river.



The  Frances Xavier Warde elementary school may be the only k-12 school in the River North neighborhood.


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