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Chicago's Old Town Neighborhood


The Chicago Old Town neighborhood has a history of welcoming people from all walks of life, especially artists.  Legend has it that the neighborhood derives its name from late 1940’s efforts to draw suburban shoppers and visitors back into the city.  The name was solidified by a 1950 art fair called the “Old Town Holiday.”  

The neighborhood spans across Lincoln Park community area and the Near North Side community area.  In Lincoln Park, it’s known as Old Town Triangle. Inside the Near North Side community area the general N-E-S-W borders are: North Avenue, LaSalle Street, Chicago Avenue and Halsted Street.  The neighborhood is home to young professionals, young families as well as affluent homeowners.

Chicago Old Town Neighborhood Map



Jewel OSCO and the Plum Market are large grocers in the neighborhood.  Foxtrot Market is a smaller boutique source for sandwiches, soups and wines.

Just across North Avenue is the old location for a large Treasure Island grocery store that may be reoccupied by another grocer in the future.




There has been gentrification of the area since 2000 that has led to new construction of large luxury single family detached homes in the neighborhood.

There has also been vast construction of condominiums built to look like single family detached structures in Old Town since 2000.  The result has been an urban neighborhood that has similar elements to nearby suburbs.


Open Space


Seward Park is the largest open space in the neighborhood.  Local public school grounds often include playgrounds and additional open space that residents can freely enjoy.

Strolling down the avenues there is almost a similar feeling to taking peaceful walks through a forest preserve.


Points of Interest


By far, Old Town’s most interesting location is along Wells Street where there are scores of businesses, including shops, eateries, and comedy venues. 

Old Town residents enjoy cycling and many other outdoor activities.  The neighborhood’s proximity to the beaches is perfect for cyclists who want to enjoy the lakefront during the warmer months of May through September.



Walter Payton College Prep is a highly acclaimed selective enrollment high school located in the Chicago Old Town neighborhood.


Ruben Salazar Bilingual Education Center is a Chicago Public School elementary institution specializing in English and Spanish language development.

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