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Chicago's Near West Side Community Area

Map of the Near West Side Community

Near West Side Community Area Facts

  • Ward(s):                                2nd, 11th, 25th, 27th, 42nd
  • Zip Codes:                           60607, 60608, 60612, 60661
  • Estimated Population: 68,000

The Near West Side community area is one of the most gentrifying parts of the city.  Restaurants are everywhere and cater to almost every type of cuisine.  It is a combination of a college community, due to several university campuses in in and near the medical district, along with a community of professionals who have chosen to live close to work downtown.  There are a large number of young professionals who have flocked to this area because it has a mix of nightlife with a rich offering of open spaces–parks, bike paths, etc.

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